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Illustrative Timeline for Portugal Golden Visa and Citizenship

The journey towards Portuguese residency and citizenship through the Golden Visa program is outlined by an indicative timeline. This guide is designed to provide prospective applicants with a clear, yet approximate, framework for planning their application process, with a focus on actual queue times and key milestones.

This timeline is updated as of February 2024 and is based on our most recent experiences and current delays from the immigration authority. The information hereunder will be updated on a periodic basis, so make sure to re-visit this page and be informed about the current timings!

  • 2024 - Starting the process: Get in touch our team, plan and select your investment, open a bank account in Portuguese and complete your fund subscription. Once you’ve accomplished these steps, you’ll be able to submit your Golden Visa application right away!
  • 2026 - Golden Visa Appointment and First Resident Card: After the application, the investors are typically called for an immigration appointment within 12-16 months, after which the first resident card will be issued (valid for 2 years), allowing legal residency in Portugal and Schengen visa-free travel. Visa holders must spend a minimum of 14 days in Portugal until the resident card expiry date, meeting the residency requirement.
  • 2028 - First Golden Visa Renewal: At the end of the second year after the first resident card is issued, the first renewal takes place. Applicants must verify that they still meet all investment conditions and submit the necessary paperwork to immigration authorities. The second resident card is granted upon successful renewal, valid for another two years. An additional 14-day stay in Portugal is required during the following 2-year period to fulfill the residency requirement.
  • 2029 - Language Test and Citizenship: According to the most recent rules, investors may apply for citizenship after 5 years after having submitted their application, which is greatly beneficial compared with the former solution whereby one could only apply for citizenship 5 years after the first resident card was issued. A Portuguese language test or A2 Portuguese course is necessary to complete the citizenship process and be awarded the passport, apart from a criminal record in good standing.
  • 2029 - Second Golden Visa Renewal: Although your citizenship application might already have been submitted, it will take around 2 years to be concluded, so you’ll need to renew the Golden Visa one last time for an extra 2-year period if you want to keep the residency rights until your Portuguese passport is received.

The timeline illustrates the importance of careful planning and adherence to all program requirements. By following this schedule, investors can transition smoothly from residency to citizenship, enjoying the benefits of their Portuguese investment.

We are experienced professionals with an extensive track-record in assisting worldwide investors, ensuring investors quality of services and avoiding unexpected delays to the extent legally possible.

Additional remarks

  • Investing Remotely: We ensure that our Clients can perform their investments remotely, avoid unnecessary trips to Portugal until the date of the initial immigration appointment.
  • Planning Your Stay: The program's flexibility allows applicants to synchronize the 14-day stays with their immigration appointments, potentially reducing the need for extra trips.
  • Timeline Expectations: The initial Golden Visa card issuance currently takes about 12 to 18 months, with anticipated improvements aimed at reducing wait times.
  • Legal Certainty for Citizenship: Recent legal updates guarantee that the five-year countdown for citizenship eligibility begins from the application date, regardless of any processing delays, offering a clear pathway to citizenship.

This timeline serves as an example based on current indicative deadlines and may vary depending on individual circumstances and any future administrative changes.


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