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At, we are dedicated to providing a comprehensive suite of services tailored to support investors through the Portugal Golden Visa process. Our services are divided into three main categories:

  1. Golden Visa Advisory & Introduction to Funds: Our role is to offer detailed insights and educational content on the Golden Visa program and the fund landscape in Portugal. Please note that our information is for INFORMATION PURPOSES ONLY. We act as fund introducers, facilitating connections with funds that are legally mandated to advise clients directly. We do not solicit investors nor recommend any financial products but focus on educating clients about their options.

  2. Legal & Tax Advisory: Navigating the complexities of immigration and the Golden Visa process requires expert legal and tax guidance. Our services include comprehensive immigration and golden visa advisory, tax representation, and assistance with fulfilling annual tax obligations and compliance with the Portuguese tax authority. Our goal is to ensure a smooth and compliant investment and residency process for our clients.

  3. Banking Services: Establishing a financial foundation in Portugal is crucial for Golden Visa investors. We assist with opening bank accounts in Portugal, setting up digital banking services, and arranging convenient means of payment. These services aim to simplify the financial aspects of your Golden Visa journey and ensure you have the necessary banking infrastructure in place.

Our expert team is committed to providing the support and guidance needed to navigate the Golden Visa process successfully, from initial advisory and fund introductions to legal, tax, and banking services.

GV Advisory & Introduction to Funds
Golden Visa Advisory & Introduction to Funds
Legal & Tax Advising
Legal & Tax Advising
Banking Services
Banking Services

Navigating the Golden Visa Process with Our Expert Services

Explore the comprehensive steps of the Golden Visa process and discover the tailored services we offer at each stage. 

Dicovery session
1) Discovery Session
  • Tailored Discussion: Assess your unique situation, including family considerations.
  • Golden Visa Insights: Comprehensive overview, addressing all your queries.
  • Process & Timeline: Clear explanation of steps and expected timelines.
  • Cost Simulation: Detailed breakdown of potential costs involved.
  • Funds Industry Overview: Insight into how investment funds operate in Portugal.
  • Key Fund Facts: Essential information on funds, including scenario simulations.
  • Visa Options: Exploration of Golden Visa options suited to your needs.
  • Risk Profile Alignment: Recommendations based on your risk tolerance.

NOTE: Session is for information purposes, in line with Central Bank of Portugal guidelines.

Introduction to Funds
2) Introduction to Funds
  • Personalized Suggestions: Suggesting funds based on your preferences.
  • Direct Introductions: Facilitating meetings with selected funds for in-depth discussions.
  • Expert Advice: Fund managers provide detailed fund insights and advice, as regulated by the Central Bank of Portugal.
  • Comprehensive Clarifications: Ensuring all your questions are answered thoroughly.

This step connects you directly with fund options that align with your investment goals, offering you clarity and expert insights to make informed decisions.

Documents & Forms
3) Documents & Forms
  • Onboarding Forms: Complete necessary forms for bank account opening and subscription of units of the selected fund.
  • Essential Documents: Prepare and submit critical documentation including criminal records, passports, and bank statements.

This phase is crucial for setting up your financial foundation in Portugal, ensuring a smooth transition into your investment and residency application process.

Open Bank Account
4) Open Bank Account
  • Form Review: Submitted forms undergo bank review for compliance (typically 1-2 weeks).
  • Account Activation: Upon successful compliance check, your account is activated.
  • Capital Transfer: Transfer the required capital (€500,000 + expenses) to your new account.

Opening a bank account in Portugal is mandatory for the Golden Visa process.

Complete the Investment
5) Make Investment
  • Fund Onboarding: Concurrently with bank account setup, complete the onboarding process with your selected fund(s).
  • Capital Allocation: Once your bank account is active, proceed to invest the designated capital into the selected fund(s).

This step is crucial in initiating your investment journey, seamlessly integrating your financial setup with your investment strategy in Portugal.

Submit Application
6) Submit Application
  • Investment Statement: After capital allocation, the fund issues a statement confirming your investment for Golden Visa purposes.
  • Application Submission: With the investment statement, your legal advisor officially submits your Golden Visa application.
  • Citizenship Timeline Begins: The countdown to eligibility for citizenship begins from the date of application submission.

This pivotal step marks the formal beginning of your path towards Portuguese residency and ultimately, citizenship.

Appointments & Renewals
7) Appointments & Renewals
  • Pre-Approval Follow-Up: After pre-approval, we coordinate your immigration appointment with the Portuguese Immigration Authority (AIMA), preparing you for any additional verifications.
  • Resident Card Issuance: Successful completion leads to your first resident card, valid for two years, marking your official residency status in Portugal and access to Golden Visa benefits.
  • Ongoing Support for Renewals: Our support extends throughout the Golden Visa program, including assistance with resident card renewals to ensure uninterrupted residency status.

We are committed to guiding you through every milestone of the Golden Visa journey, from initial approval to maintaining your residency.

8) Citizenship Application
  • Eligibility for Citizenship: According to the latest rules, after five years from the Golden Visa application date, you become eligible to apply for Portuguese citizenship.
  • Language Proficiency Support: Achieving citizenship requires proving Portuguese language knowledge, either through a simple A2 level test or by completing a Portuguese language course. We guide you through this process as to ensure your citizenship application may be submitted within the earliest possible timeframe.
  • Citizenship Documentation and Submission: We guide you through compiling and submitting all necessary documentation for your citizenship application, and represent you before the relevant authorities, ensuring the issuance of your Portuguese passport.

Our comprehensive support ensures you are well-prepared and informed throughout the citizenship application process, bringing you closer to achieving Portuguese nationality. 

Testimonials about our work

Explore firsthand experiences from our global clients who've successfully obtained the Portugal Golden Visa with our help. These testimonials showcase the impact of our expert guidance and personalized support on their residency and investment journeys.
(Client details confidential. References upon request.)


"Securing our children's future and ensuring we have the freedom to travel were our top priorities when we decided to pursue the Portugal Golden Visa. Initially, we were overwhelmed by the conflicting information online until we discovered Nomera Capital and Pares Advogados. Their clarity and honesty were a breath of fresh air amid a sea of misleading advice. They guided us away from poor investment choices, providing a reliable 'Plan B' for our family. We highly recommend their services for their transparency and dedication to our best interests." 
(Client details confidential, please ask us for reference.)

Client from Turkey

"From the USA to Portugal, the journey to obtain the Golden Visa seemed overwhelming. Yet, the team's professionalism, clarity, and support made all the difference. Their detailed advice and the wealth of information they provided were beyond expectations. They've been instrumental in our successful application, demonstrating their commitment to excellence at every turn."
(Client details confidential, please ask us for reference.)

Client from the USA
South Africa

"The team's expertise in the Golden Visa program was evident from our first meeting. Their strategic advice, coupled with genuine care for our family's needs, made the process much less stressful. We are grateful for their guidance and highly recommend their services to anyone considering the Golden Visa."
(Client details confidential, please ask us for reference.)

Client From South Africa

"As someone from Turkey looking to invest in Portugal for the Golden Visa, the challenges seemed daunting at first. However, the professional and personalized service provided by the team turned it into an achievable dream. Their thorough understanding of the investment landscape and the Golden Visa requirements was remarkable. They are true experts in their field." (Client details confidential, please ask us for reference.)

Client from Turkey

"As a family from Zimbabwe, we sought a secure future for our children and a safe haven that provided us with extensive travel freedom. The journey started confusingly with misinformation online, leading to wasted time and energy. Finding Nomera Capital and Pares Advogados was a turning point, offering us accurate guidance and trustworthy investment opportunities. Their expertise was crucial in developing our 'Plan B,' ensuring our investment was sound and beneficial. We wholeheartedly recommend their team for anyone looking for genuine advice and a clear path to the Golden Visa."
(Client details confidential, please ask us for reference.)

Client from Zimbabwe
United Arab Emirates

"We aimed to ensure our children's future and maintain our global mobility through the Portugal Golden Visa. The journey was fraught with challenges due to misleading online information. It was only upon partnering with Nomera Capital and Pares Advogados that we found clarity and trustworthy advice. They were instrumental in helping us avoid detrimental investments, highlighting their commitment to our well-being. Their approach provided us with a dependable 'Plan B,' making them our recommended choice for navigating the Golden Visa process."
(Client details confidential, please ask us for reference.)

Client from UAE
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