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What is the Portugal Golden Visa program?

The Portugal Golden Visa is a residency-by-investment program that offers non-EU investors residency, with a path to citizenship, in a stable and high-quality life country, serving as a gateway to Europe.

Am I eligible to apply for the Golden Visa?

Eligibility for the Golden Visa requires non-EU investors to make a qualifying investment, such as in investment funds, and meet other program criteria. More info.

Why are the Golden Visa investment funds becoming so popular?

Investment funds became a favored route in 2018, representing 30% of total investment by 2023, due to the program's pivot away from real estate. 

How do I know which Golden Visa fund to invest in?
Choose a fund eligible for the Golden Visa, based on its alignment with your investment profile, considering factors such as the fund's maturity, investment policy, risk rate, liquidity, and strategy. It's important to note that we are an education provider only and are not qualified to offer financial advice as per Bank of Portugal and Portuguese Securities Market Comission rules. More info.
Can I apply for my Golden Visa remotely?
Yes, the application process for the Golden Visa can be initiated remotely, with the assistance of legal and advisory services.
Can I obtain European citizenship through the Golden Visa?
After five years of maintaining the investment and fulfilling minimal residency requirements, investors can apply for Portuguese citizenship, granting EU rights.
How long is the Golden Visa valid for?

The Golden Visa is initially valid for two years and can be renewed for successive two-year periods, leading to eligibility for permanent residency and citizenship after five years.

Can U.S. citizens invest in Portuguese Golden Visa Funds?

Yes, U.S. citizens, along with other non-EU nationals, are eligible to invest in Golden Visa funds under the program's guidelines. However, US investors need to ensure that the fund complies with U.S. reporting requirements, such as the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) and other relevant regulations, which mandate the disclosure of foreign financial assets and accounts to prevent tax evasion. It's important for U.S. investors to validate that their chosen fund has mechanisms in place to meet these reporting obligations to the IRS.

Do I need to live in Portugal to get the Golden Visa?

The program requires a minimal physical presence of only 14 days every 2 years, allowing investors to maintain their tax residency abroad while benefiting from residency.

Do I need to speak Portuguese to get the Golden Visa?
Proficiency in Portuguese is not required for the Golden Visa, but it is necessary for citizenship, assessed through a simple language test (A2 level) or course approval. 
Can Golden Visa holders work in Portugal?

Yes, Golden Visa holders have the right to live and work in Portugal as part of their residency status.

What are the benefits of the Golden Visa?
Benefits include Schengen visa-free travel, minimal stay requirements, a path to citizenship, and extension of rights to family members.
What are the Golden Visa investment requirements?
Investment options include job creation, investment in research, cultural investment, and contributions to investment funds, with specific monetary thresholds. More info.
Do all funds qualify for the Golden Visa?
Not all funds qualify; they must meet specific criteria, including a minimum 5-year maturity and at least 60% of investment in Portuguese companies.
How long do I need to stay invested in the fund for my Golden Visa application?
The investment must be maintained for a minimum of 5 years.
Can I obtain residency through the Portuguese Golden Visa?

Yes, the Golden Visa offers residency to investors, with a pathway to permanent residency and citizenship, after 5 years.

Can my family also benefit from my Golden Visa application?
Family inclusion allows spouses and legal partners, children, dependent parents, and siblings under specific conditions to benefit from the applicant's investment. More info.
Can I split my investment across multiple Golden Visa funds?
Yes, investors can diversify across multiple qualifying funds as long as the total investment meets the €500,000 minimum threshold.
What are the Golden Visa application costs?
Costs include government fees, legal fees, tax advisory, and other associated expenses. More info.
What documents are required for the Golden Visa application?

Required documents include personal identification, evidence of investment, criminal record certificates, and proof of health insurance, among others. More info.

Can Golden Visa holders study in Portugal?
Yes, Golden Visa holders and their families have the right to access education and healthcare in Portugal.
Can I make my Golden Visa investment remotely?
We ensure a smooth investment process which may be completed remotely, with minimum inconvenience for investors.
How will the Golden Visa rule changes in October 2023 affect me?
The 2023 changes focused on refining investment options, excluding real estate and capital transfer options, and keep direct investments towards economic growth areas.
Could my Golden Visa application be refused?
Applications can be refused due to non-compliance with the program's requirements or discrepancies in the documentation, highlighting the importance of accurate and complete submissions. Our legal assistance will support you in this process as to ensure the success of the Golden Visa application.
Can I obtain my Golden Visa through real estate?
As of the 2023 updates, real estate investment options for the Golden Visa have been revoked to address housing affordability and direct investments towards other economic sectors.
Do I need a lawyer to submit my Golden Visa application?
While not mandatory, engaging a lawyer can streamline the application process, ensuring compliance with the latest regulations and requirements, and that your Golden Visa application is successful.
How long does the Golden Visa application process take?

The process from submission to pre-approval can take up to 16 months, influenced by factors like documentation and regulatory reviews. Despite potential delays, the 5-year countdown to citizenship starts from the application date.

Can I invest more than the €500,000 Golden Visa threshold?

Investors can exceed the minimum investment threshold, potentially diversifying their investment across multiple qualifying funds or options.

Is it possible to co-invest with a fund in a specific deal?

In certain instances, co-investing with a fund in a deal may be possible. Funds possess extensive market knowledge, enabling them to theoretically identify the best investment opportunities. Please contact us for introductions to funds that offer co-investment options.

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