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Comparative Overview of Portugal Golden Visa Eligible Funds

DISCLAIMER: The content is provided for Information Purposes Only and no information contained on this website constitutes an inducement to buy or sell commodities or assets or to invest, nor should such information be relied upon as a basis for investment decisions.

We present a detailed comparison table of funds eligible for the Portugal Golden Visa, highlighting key aspects such as risk level, type of fund, strategy, and fees. We strongly recommend that readers consult our comprehensive guide on the fund industry in Portugal for an in-depth understanding of fund nomenclature, characteristics, eligibility criteria for the Golden Visa, return scenario simulations, and more.

To gain further insights and explore additional details about investment funds beyond what is covered in this article, we encourage you to schedule a discovery meeting with us. This private session is offered free of charge and is designed to discuss your unique situation, enabling us to guide you towards the best investment options tailored to your needs. With a solid track record of advising clients on the Golden Visa, we are committed to providing expert guidance to help you navigate this investment landscape successfully.

The funds mentioned in this website are duly incorporated under the relevant Portuguese laws and authorized to conduct business in Portugal, and are subject to the supervision of the Portuguese Securities Market Commission (“CMVM”).