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New Partnership Simplifies Language Requirement for Portuguese Citizenship

Partnership for Portuguese citizenship language requirements

Concerned about meeting the Portuguese language requirement for future citizenship? Golden Visa Funds partners with CIPLE Master to offer convenient, accredited online courses, ensuring you can easily fulfill language criteria when the time comes. Enjoy exclusive discounts and flexible learning options.

Golden Visa Funds is pleased to announce a new partnership that will significantly benefit our Portugal Golden Visa clients. Recent amendments to the Portuguese Citizenship Law now allow clients to apply for citizenship five years after their residency application was submitted, rather than five years after residency was granted. This change enables clients to apply for citizenship sooner than previously anticipated, as outlined in our March Newsletter.

Recognizing that many Golden Visa clients reside outside of Portugal, Golden Visa Funds has sought to identify the best solutions for meeting the language requirements for citizenship with minimal inconvenience. In line with this objective, we are proud to announce our collaboration with CIPLE Master, a language school offering online Portuguese courses accredited by national authorities and recognized for citizenship purposes. This partnership ensures that clients can fulfill language requirements without needing to travel to Portugal for a course or language test.

About CIPLE Master

CIPLE Master offers two main courses designed to accommodate different needs:

  • Standard Course: 38 weeks, with 4 hours of instruction per week.
  • Fast-Track Course: 15 weeks, with 10 hours of instruction per week.

These courses are structured to fit various schedules and learning paces, allowing clients to select the option that best suits their lifestyle and timeline.

Exclusive Benefits for Clients

As part of this partnership, Golden Visa Funds clients will receive a 15% discount on all CIPLE Master courses. Special conditions may apply for families, providing additional benefits for those preparing for citizenship together.

Enrollment Information

Clients interested in preparing their citizenship applications and enrolling in one of these courses are encouraged to contact Golden Visa Funds for assistance with the enrollment process and for any questions regarding the courses or the citizenship application procedure.

Golden Visa Funds remains committed to providing clients with the best possible resources and support throughout their journey to Portuguese citizenship. This partnership with CIPLE Master represents another step in our continuous effort to facilitate a smooth and convenient process for our clients.

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